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Current Faculty Fellows

2022-2023 Research and Creative Projects

Each year, the David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities solicits proposals from all WSU faculty for projects that advance knowledge in and public awareness of the arts and humanities. Through a competitive process, a small group of Faculty Fellows is then selected and provided with significant support to bring their projects to life. In addition to pursuing their individual projects, fellows meet monthly to share their progress and reflect on the broader work of the arts and humanities in the public sphere.

Robert Bauman, History/Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities Latinx Community Oral History Project

Collect and conduct oral histories related to the history of the Latinx community in the Tri-Cities.

Donna Campbell, English/Pullman

The Unknown Edith Wharton: Editing the Unpublished Fiction

Transcribe and edit the unpublished fiction and plays of Edith Wharton as part of a 30-volume series under contract with Oxford University Press.

Ruth Gregory, DTC/Pullman

The Contemporary Politics of Cinema Studies Book Proposal & Draft

Develop a book proposal and draft manuscript for an original monograph – The Contemporary Politics of Cinema Studies – regarding inequity in film studies programs and the relationship to inequity in the film industry.

Lawrence Hatter, History/Pullman

The Past is Never Dead: History, Law, and Indigenous Sovereignty on the U.S.-Canadian Border

Research and writing a book on the intersection of history, law, and Indigenous sovereignty on the U.S.-Canadian Border.

Patricia Wilde, English/Tri-Cities

Intersectionality and the Archive: A Rhetorical Study of Race and Gender in Public Memories of the American Civil War

Research project examining how Black women are remembered in the context of the American Civil War, focusing specifically on how the “rhetorical power of the archives” gives rise to public acts of recollection.