Bryan Hall clock tower sunset.

Our Mission and Vision

Working in concert with academic departments, which remain centers of more specialized, field-specific inquiry, the WSU David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities advances a broader agenda, one that crosses traditional scholarly boundaries, encourages innovation, and advocates for the vital contribution of the arts and humanities to the public good. 

With this commitment serving as its guiding principle, the center pursues the following primary goals: 

  • Provide opportunities to WSU students to engage with the Arts and Humanities
  • Expand WSU’s capacity for foundational research in the arts and humanities
  • Nurture cross- and interdisciplinary connection and collaboration
  • Increase the public visibility and outreach of WSU arts and humanities faculty
  • Advance WSU’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community engagement
  • Catalyze WSU’s engagement with emergent fields of humanistic and artistic knowledge