David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities Sponsorship Request Form

David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities co-sponsors programs that support innovative activities and scholarship centered in Arts and Humanities that nurture cross- and interdisciplinary connection and collaboration, impact WSU students, and advance WSU’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community engagement.

Please note that we do not fund conference travel for faculty members. Our Faculty Fellows Program provides travel funding for archival research. Please visit this page [note for sean: hyperlink this to faculty fellows page] for more information. We co-sponsor a limited amount of travel when the students participate in arts and humanities research and/or showcase their work beyond WSU at a regional or national platform.

CAH Theme: “Connecting Communities”

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities will embrace the values and responsibilities of WSU’s land-grant mission and explore the myriad ways the arts and humanities contribute to sustaining communities, cultures, and traditions. We will explore notions of sustainability beyond direct environmental impacts by considering how we can examine our shared values through the multiple lenses of creative and humanistic inquiry.

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